Take Action

North Carolina Republicans propose new abortion restrictions starting at 12 weeks

This is your call to action.
These are our rights. 

This is our fight.

We encourage you to contact these legislators today and tell them to vote to uphold the veto:

Rep. Tricia Cotham is a former Democrat who spoke on the House floor in 2015 about her own abortion experience and how the government should not be involved in these personal decisions.

Rep. Ted Davis is on video making a campaign promise not to limit abortion more than 20 weeks. 

Rep. John Bradford also made a campaign promise not to vote for further abortion restrictions.

Rep. Jon Hardister is running statewide for Commissioner of Labor. The majority of North Carolinians statewide do not support more abortion restrictions.

Sen. Michael Lee promised not to vote for any more abortion restrictions during his campaign.

We are in the fight of our lives to protect abortion access in NC and across the Southeast. Thank you for being in this fight with us.

PS: You can sign up now for our virtual Abortion Activist Training on May 31 at 6:30pm

Read a summary of the bill SB 20.

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